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Energy Training Center
900 N North Branch St.
Chicago IL, 60642
(Yes, its the first floor of the Kendall College building and YES there is FREE PARKING)
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Monday - Friday: 5:30am - 3:00pm


  1. "I had a pretty clear goal: I was getting married and didn't want to be fat in my wedding pictures. It was really that simple... ...I had lost weight in the past, but was struggling to do it on my own this time... ...All in all, it was a great decision. Personal training is an investment, no doubt. But that's just it, you're investing in yourself. The wedding photos I have, and the confidence I gained from my transformation are priceless. Thanks Levi!"
    Freddie Joseph
  2. "Levi knows an astonishing amount about the human body, and he has creative and fun ways of targeting muscles that you may not even realize exist. Working with Levi is not only a great way to reach your fitness goals, but it is also so much fun!"
    Megan Saab
  3. "Regarding your technical skills, you clearly know how to instruct people to use proper form and to do the right exercises the right way. Like we discussed, I'm not the expert in fitness, and your training and experience were obvious in how you approached our time together. You took our time seriously, and had a vision for what we could accomplish together."
    Dennis Fouldenauer
  4. "Levi is a pleasure to be around and has a special talent of helping you achieve things that you never thought were possible. He truly has a wealth of information on how the human body responds, and is able to specialize this information for his clients. If you're looking for someone to help you grow physically and mentally, I can't think of anyone better than Levi Kane to help you achieve your goals. You may even exceed your own expectations with the help of this incredible trainer."
    Joe Maloney
  5. "I've been training with Levi since May of 2016 and is now a key partner in my health and wellness journey. He knows my goals, and my goals are now his goals. One of my favorite things about Levi (there are many!) is his extensive knowledge of the human body. I like to know how things are connected as well as the science behind it and he gladly explains it to me. Levi is not only an awesome trainer, he is a teacher and has become a friend."
    Angie Fucigna
  6. "When I began my training with Levi, he challenged me to push beyond my limits, and to set goals for myself. From that point on I've heightened my standard when it comes to running, strength, and effort in general. He's helped me dig deep and unlock an inner potential that I've had in me all along, but never found."
    Isaac Thurston
  7. "Passionate, funny and ambitious are three things that come to mind when I think of why Levi excels at what he does. If you would like to make some healthy changes and actually see progress, I strongly advise you to give Levi a shot and meet with him for an initial fitness assessment."
    Andy Mikkila
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Self destructive and lost for a way in life, at age 20 Levi Kane came inches from death after colliding head on with another car on his motorcycle at 80mph, ultimately leaving him without the lower half of his left leg. After a long recovery and much soul searching, Levi found himself in the city of Chicago where his life would change forever. From National Champion Para-Triathlete to becoming the fastest running 5k amputee on the planet, Levi used his education from the University of Illinois at Chicago in the field of Kinesiology to help himself reach his athletic goals and now he's using his education to help others, from ages 6 years old and up, to achieve their goals in the realm of health, fitness and athleticism.
Levi always says that it's more than a just a workout, it's a lesson. His mission is obviously for everyone to reach their maximum potential, but also, within every session is for his clients to always walk away with a true understanding of “why.”  ​​ Click here to read up on a few position papers that Levi has written.
He says, that when it comes to kids, it's never too early to strengthen and understand how your body moves. And when it comes to adults, it's never too late!


 Ultimately, your health is my success. I do my best to supply you with all the tools necessary for you to succeed becuase as your fitness coach, not only is that my job, but giving you anything less than that is a disservice to us both.









No 2 bodies are ever the same. Which is why I ensure that every client's plan is tailored specifically to them and the way their body moves.
I'm not too big on diet plans, for I've found that without them, people are lost. Instead, my goal is to educate and empower people to make their own healthy decisions. 
Do what I tell you to do, and you will succeed. Deviate, and results will vary.
I do my best to supply you with all the tools necessary to succeed, but it's on you to put them to use. My expectation is that you will, because if you succeed, so do I! ...And I don't like losing.
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Running Program
Whether its your first 5K or you're looking to PR your next Marathon, after conducting an in-depth ​ gait analysis , we'll be sure to program accordingly. Just remember, not everyone is going to progress through a run program at the same rate. Communication is key!
Muscle Tone
Muscle toning is essential to maintaining optimal fitness. Learn how to tone muscle  with efficiency but more importantly, accuracy.
Corrective Exercise
Optimizing your kinetic chain is essential to correcting your imbalances.
Develop functional strength and understand the athleticism that goes into each and every exercise. Find your functional threshold and discover the ability to power through it!​

Optimize your skills when we break down the way your body moves
 Learn to eat healthy without hating it. Eating healthy doesn't have to taste like cardboard, be confusing, nor does it have to cost you a fortune. ​

For information on Corporate Wellness nutrition presentations, please click here .
Weight Loss
Weight loss is more than just the scale, it's a lifestyle. Its one's bold attempt to reverse months, years, if not decades worth of bad habits, and it wont be easy! I'm here to show you the path, but it's on you to lay the stone.
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