Who Is He?

There's more than what meets the eye

Levi's Story
Self destructive and lost for a way in life, at age 20 Levi Kane came inches from death after colliding head on with another car on his motorcycle at 80mph, ultimately leaving him without the lower half of his left leg. After a long recovery and much soul searching, Levi found himself in the city of Chicago where his life would change forever. From National Champion Para-Triathlete to becoming the fastest running 5k amputee on the planet, Levi used his education from the University of Illinois at Chicago in the field of Kinesiology to help himself reach his athletic goals and now he's using his education to help others. A Sub 20:00 5k, a 3:40:07 Marathon finish, squatting 185lbs for 10 reps on only 1 leg! After dissecting a human body TWICE, Levi uses Precision Kinetic Strength Training to work around any limitation. No longer are we doing things just to do them, instead, we’re finding and solving problems. Every muscle has a function and every muscle has a line of pull. Act upon the line of pull and the result will yield the muscle's function. Training with this in mind has brought clarity and success to hundreds of clients and now its time to pass the knowledge on to you. 

From ages 6 years old and up, Levi works with everyone from the most basic of beginners, all the way up to the former professional athlete, to achieve their goals in the realm of health, fitness and athleticism.
Levi's Philosophy
Levi always says that it's more than a just a workout, it's a lesson. His mission is obviously for everyone to reach their maximum potential, but also, within every session is for his clients to always walk away with a true understanding of “why.”  No longer are we doing things just to do them. While the workouts are great, the education is priceless.
He says, that when it comes to kids, it's never too early to strengthen and understand how your body moves. And when it comes to adults, it's never too late!

Levi The Coach
Ultimately, your health is my success. I do my best to supply you with all the tools necessary for you to succeed becuase as your fitness coach, not only is that my job, but giving you anything less than that is a disservice to us both.

What's stopping you?